Analyzing high-throughput sequencing data for profiling microRNA expression
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miRExpress download

The current source code version: Download

miRExpress needs to be complied in x86 Linux 32 or 64 bit system and the processor needs to support SSE3. Once you download the package, un-tar (tar zxf), see the file INSTALL for quick installation instructions.

The content of miRExpress package
  • miRExpress source code
  • miRNA mature and precursor information from miRBase
  • External program to deal with something which users may need
  • Example file

miRExpress is a stand-alone software package is implemented for generating miRNA expression profiles from high-throughput sequencing of RNA without the need for sequenced genomes. How to use

NOW! miRExpress maps sequences to miRNA precursors!

In order to more sensitively profile miRNA expression profile, miRExpress supports that sequences are aligned with miRNA precursors (miRExpress 2.0). Afterwards, miRExpress will be updated based on aligning sequences with miRNA precursors. The old version (align sequences with mature miRNAs can be accessed at miRExpress old version).

miRBase data set Download

We will update data sets in miRExpress when miRBase is updated. Users could download the newest sets and replace.

Data sets for aligning seqeunces with miRNA precursors (for 2.0)
Data sets for aligning seqeunces with mature miRNAs (for 1.0)